What To Do If Your Partner Fat-Shames You


It’s not uncommon for people to make jokes about someone’s weight, or point out flaws in order to make them feel better. This is fat shaming. Over 40% of American adults say they’ve been shamed because of their weight. Fat Shaming is a problem in all types of relationships, including romantic ones. In intimate relationships, partners may … Read more

To Boost Your Social Life, Go to Bed—No, Seriously


Good sleep is the enemy of a socially active life. You can spend more time sleeping than you do socialize. It would be obvious that those who sleep in the most are less socially active. As it turns out, socializing and sleep are best friends. The better you are at sleeping, the more likely you … Read more

Are You *Too* Consumed With Other People’s Drama That Has No Bearing on Your Own Life?


LBravo fans were treated to a surprise Super Bowl this weekend, as news broke of a scandalous cheating scandal involving the cast. Vanderpump Rules. Even if the show isn’t on your TV, chances are you’ve heard or seen something about the lives of these reality stars from Los Angeles. Google Trends data shows that searches … Read more