‘I’m an Olympian and the Youngest Person To Run a Marathon in All 7 Continents—Here’s How I Fuel My Body for Exercise’


WWhen hen thinks of women to celebrate Women’s History Month it’s no surprise that Winter Vinecki is the first to come to mind. Because she has accomplished remarkable feats, which she began doing before she even started elementary school, and because she is a professional athlete who has broken numerous records. At five years old, … Read more

Martha Stewart’s Simple Hack for Staying Vibrant at Every Age


AAs the old saying goes, “aging is not for the faint of heart.” It’s always encouraging to see someone truly flourish in their golden years. Martha Stewart, an 81-year old, is a shining example of this. A healthy lifestyle. I had the opportunity to meet with this iconic businesswoman in her beautiful and decadent Las … Read more