I was today years old when I discovered that light roast coffee has more caffeine and acid than dark roast.


There are three main types of coffee, medium, dark and lighter. Roasts are distinguished by more than just their appearance. They also differ in smell and taste. Maciej Kasperowicz, our interviewee, was able to tell us more about the different levels of coffee roasting. The interview covers the picking and transport of coffee beans to roasteries. He describes … Read more

Drinking 3-Plus Cups of Coffee a Day May Actually Lower Blood Pressure, According to a New Study


suggests that drinking 3-plus cups of coffee per day may actually lower blood pressure. ACoffee is the most popular beverage in the world, with more than 2 billion cups being consumed each day. If you have ever felt the second, third, or fourth cup of coffee give you the jitters, then you might be curious … Read more