What To Do If Your Partner Fat-Shames You


It’s not uncommon for people to make jokes about someone’s weight, or point out flaws in order to make them feel better. This is fat shaming. Over 40% of American adults say they’ve been shamed because of their weight. Fat Shaming is a problem in all types of relationships, including romantic ones. In intimate relationships, partners may … Read more

Drinking 3-Plus Cups of Coffee a Day May Actually Lower Blood Pressure, According to a New Study


suggests that drinking 3-plus cups of coffee per day may actually lower blood pressure. ACoffee is the most popular beverage in the world, with more than 2 billion cups being consumed each day. If you have ever felt the second, third, or fourth cup of coffee give you the jitters, then you might be curious … Read more

Gua Sha Helps Relieve Facial Tension—But Did You Know It Can Help With Foot Pain, Too?


OIn the West of Gua sha, an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), practice of smoothing the skin using a jade tool, has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. This facial massage is said to improve blood flow, reduce tight jaw muscles and contour the face over time without using expensive injectables. … Read more

‘I’m a Cardiologist, and This Is Why I Recommend Everyone Have a Bedtime (and Stick to It)’


YYou’ve likely heard that your body needs seven to nine hours sleep per night to be healthy and feel restful. You may not be aware of this fact. Consistency It’s just as important to know how many hours you sleep each night as how much. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a new … Read more

Martha Stewart’s Simple Hack for Staying Vibrant at Every Age


AAs the old saying goes, “aging is not for the faint of heart.” It’s always encouraging to see someone truly flourish in their golden years. Martha Stewart, an 81-year old, is a shining example of this. A healthy lifestyle. I had the opportunity to meet with this iconic businesswoman in her beautiful and decadent Las … Read more