Rural Wellbeing: A Framework And Guide For Policymakers


by What Works Centre for Wellbeing This month in his Budget As part of the “Everywhere” levelling up of the economic plan, the Chancellor reiterated his commitment to ensure that the benefits of national success are felt by all people, regardless of where they live: towns, cities or rural areas. What is the best way … Read more

State Of The Nation 2022: How Are Our Children Doing?


The Department for Education published on February 7, a report about the well-being of children and young adults in the UK, aged 5-24 years, for the academic year 2021-2022. Richard Crellin, Centre Associate, discusses key insights in the report and next steps. Covid-19 has created a huge public interest in the well-being of children. It … Read more

The Core Components Of Successful Wellbeing Frameworks


What is a strong wellbeing framework? A New discussion paper The Centre for Thriving Places supported by Carnegie UK has analysed eight models in order to identify core elements. Nancy Hey, our Executive Director, was one of the advisors. Joanne Smithson, Head of Implementation, walks us through key insights and shows how to tailor the … Read more