Try a 5-Minute Self-Compassion Break

5-Minute Self-Compassion Break

This informal mindfulness practice can help you feel connected and part of something bigger. By Kristin Neff, Christopher Germer March 3, 2023 Show compassion Self-compassion is based on a sense of interconnectedness. It is acknowledging that all people are imperfect works-in-progress and that everyone makes mistakes and faces hardships in life. Self-compassion recognizes that all … Read more

How Mindfulness Supports Social Justice in Schools: Q&A with Rhonda Magee

Mindfulness Supports Social Justice

Although mindfulness is about stretching our comfort zone, it can feel like it after decades of practice. Is my comfort zone. My comfort zone. I have become a sort of ambassador for stillness and am willing to talk about mindfulness and meditation anywhere, anytime. Last year, I was still a bit stumped. For a series … Read more