What Gives You the ‘Ick’ in a Relationship, According to Your Zodiac Sign


ICongratulations if you have ever seen your partner eating soup, or felt embarrassment at the way their legs were dangling at a bar. (I’m sorry. According to TikTok, you’ve probably experienced the “ick,” which is a disgusting feeling of being grossed out over seemingly innocuous behavior. It turns out that there are many innocuous acts … Read more

Weekly Astrological Forecast, March 5-11: Bringing the Mystical to the Physical


This week, the Moon meets her fullness in Virgo while a highly anticipated astrological event, Saturn’s entrance into Pisces, initiates a new three-year chapter. Full Moon in Virgo While we structure our lives according to the Gregorian calendar, astrology exists within its own measurement of time. This week’s full Moon is a final release before … Read more