What Gives You the ‘Ick’ in a Relationship, According to Your Zodiac Sign

ICongratulations if you have ever seen your partner eating soup, or felt embarrassment at the way their legs were dangling at a bar. (I’m sorry. According to TikTok, you’ve probably experienced the “ick,” which is a disgusting feeling of being grossed out over seemingly innocuous behavior. It turns out that there are many innocuous acts that could fall under this category. These repulsive reactions may appear arbitrary at first, but the characteristics of each sign of the Zodiac could indicate what makes people tick.

Your birth chart can help to understand your unique traits and how they make you tick. It can also help you find out what is making your stomach churn. Because the planets and signs in your chart (and their placements) can reveal a lot about you, including how you approach and communicate with others and how you handle stress. Yes, these planetary placements can reveal why your partner may be displaying a peace sign, or even posing for a photograph.

Aquarius is an emotional sign that can be difficult to connect with. It’s easy to understand why someone might make an outlandish display of affection if they are an Aquarius.

Knowing your sun sign’s characteristics (aka the sign that you read your horoscope for), can help you understand what causes you to feel icky. If you are an Aquarius, which is known for being emotionally unstable, it’s easy see how you could get the ick from your partner if they show too much affection. Astrologer Astrodim says that other than your sun sign, there are a few other places that can indicate your potential icks. These include your Mercury sign which reflects your processing style and your Mars sign which “not only speaks about motivations and passions, but also anger, and frustration.”

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Lauren Ash, astrologer, says it is also smart to think about the signs of your Moon (which rules over emotions), and Mars (which governs over emotions). This will help you understand what astrological aspects these planets have with one another. A square aspect, which occurs when planets are located three sign apart, is known to be difficult. Ash says that if your natal Moon is in square to your partner’s Mars, it could be an indication that they can be very irritating. She says that these people can leave you feeling frustrated almost like they are doing it deliberately. Cue mysterious ick.

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It can be quite distressing to get the ick from your partner, especially if their actions are fairly harmless (besides making it difficult to breathe). You can read on to learn more about the behavior that is most likely to cause a zodiac sign to feel the ick and how to better understand it if it does happen to you.


The symbol of the aries zodiac sign is a ram-like shape.

Indifference: Ick

You are a fast, savage, and passionate Aries. If your partner seems indifferent about anything, it’s a sign that you are not able to communicate with them. worse, You could be immediately disengaged from something you are passionate about. Ash says that Aries is driven and focused, which makes it difficult for partners to be passionate or ambitious. You are a very action-oriented person, and you need someone who can keep up.


Ick: Awkwardness

The Zodiac’s epitome is elegance, and you probably have a vision of your perfect romantic relationship. Even if you are deeply in love, don’t be surprised if your partner is giving Jessica Day. New Girl You could get the ick from vibes (read, totally awkward). Astrodim says that Venus, your planet ruler, keeps you in an unending state of grace. She says that people need to feel confident enough to be able to share their lives with you. You need to be able to take a partner out with you and not feel embarrassed.


Ick: Interrupting

Gemini is a chatty air sign. You have many tabs open in your head. You can get lost in a variety of topics and communicate that way. You may feel disgust if your partner cuts you off. Astrodim says, “If someone tries stop you from fully expressing yourself, especially if it has no proof or basis, you might get very upset.”

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Ick: Emotionlessness

Cancer, empathy is your superpower. This is how you communicate and process the world. A partner who acts emotionless or hides their feelings can be a big turnoff. Ash says that the moon, your planet ruler, is the planet of emotions and moods, so ice-skating your partner could be viewed as an indication of immaturity.


Ick: Imitation

You may feel flattered if your partner is inspired by your style. You’re well aware of your star power, as the fixed fire sign in the zodiac. You may feel that your partner is copying you more than you realize. Astrodim says that even if your partner is wearing a similar outfit to you, it will still bother you. She says that Leos love to be different and to have everyone revolve around their shoulders, similar to the way the planets revolve around a sun. A copycat is a danger to this.


Ick: Organization

Virgo, you have a reputation for being organized and neat. Astrodim says that you are a Mercurial sign. However, your Mercury side is closely connected to order, details and routine. You are more likely to be disgusted if your partner is messy or unorganized than you are when they are.


Ick: Social buzzkills

Libra, you have the tendency to keep the party going beyond its end date. Your social status is very important to you. If your partner attempts to ruin your fun vibe, it will be a complete turnoff. Astrodim says Libras can’t stand tense or serious energy and will only respond to it if necessary. It’s safe to say that if your partner doesn’t want to make the town red, it might be best to let them know.

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Ick: Small talk

You want your relationships to be passionate and deep. You don’t like superficial conversations. Ash says that the worst thing is when someone doesn’t take things seriously or think deeply about a topic. If your partner gossips about the weather or gossips at work, you might be offended or even embarrassed.


Ick: Comfort zones

Jupiter-ruled fire signs are sensitive to feeling held back. Ash says that you don’t like people who push their opinions or are too bossy. Your partner should act as if they are afraid to try new things.


Ick: Untrustworthiness

Saturn-ruled signs are known for being disciplined and responsible. As a result, your partner will be able to give you everything. Your partner must be just as committed and responsible as you. Astrodim says, “You live by the principle that “My word is my bond” so if your partner doesn’t keep their word, it’s easy to lose respect for them.”


Ick: Any kind of PDA

Aquarius, there is nothing that makes you feel more sick than your partner being touchy in public. You are known for being a bit aloof when it comes to romantic interest, even if you love your partner. Astrodim says that your dislike for PDA is not limited to physical touch. She says, “If your partner pushes you to express your feelings too strongly, you might be just as ready for run.”


Ick: Over-practicality

Pisces is the dreamer of all the zodiac signs. Pisces doesn’t like being restricted and needs to be supported in the pursuit of abstract ideas. It makes sense that you would be put off by a partner who is too pragmatic about or responds to a situation. Ash says, “If your partner is too critical about your passions or doesn’t see the larger picture, you won’t be into it.”

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