This Derm-Founded Brand Just Launched Body Care To Address Dark Spots, Keratosis Pilaris, and More

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Fig. 1 was launched last year with the goal of creating luxurious, science-backed skin care without the high price tag. The brand’s $34 serums have been a staple in the routines of the Well+Good beauty team, and now, Fig. 1 has launched a new body-care line that is in perfect alignment with its philosophy of providing more for less. The three new products will make caring for your skin below your neck an experience you will love every day.

Courtney Rubin MD, a board-certified dermatologist, and Fig. 1 co-founder. “I see many patients in my clinic who have body-related issues and they were the direct inspiration for these products.” About a hundred patients see me a week. I try to allow what I see in my clinic to inform the decisions we make about products or ingredients.

The body-care range includes three products that can be used together to create a complete routine. Dr. Rubin says, “It follows the existing cleanse, treat and moisturize parameters.” Our Exfoliating Body Polish is what you use in the shower to cleanse your skin. Our Retinol Renewal Body Cream would be the next step treat. The final step would be to moisturize with our All Over Oil. You can get them all individually or the whole trio for $88.

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These products are not like the regular Fig. Their packaging is the only thing that makes these products different from the usual Fig. Fig. Fig. These products are recyclable in 100 percent of their packaging. The body scrub is packaged in a small plastic bag, while the serum and oil are packed in aluminum containers.

Learn more about each product in the Fig. 1 Body Care line

The Exfoliating Body Polish is hands down the best exfoliator that I have ever used. The exfoliating body polish is made with a super-fine polish that feels amazing on the skin.

Dr. Rubin says that over-exfoliation or using the wrong particles can cause skin damage and micro-tears. We decided against choosing an exfoliating particle like a sugar scrub or salt scrub. These crystals have sharp edges at 90 degrees or plastic microbeads.

Dr. Rubin states that this scrub is safe for all skin types, but was created with keratosis palaris in mind. She explains that keratosis pilaris is characterized by rough bumpy patches on the backs and legs. This occurs because of a genetic change in how their skin cells exfoliate. Instead of exfoliating as normal, they clump together and stick to hair follicles. These patients are most likely to be benefited by gentle exfoliation and moisturization. We tried to get at this with this line.

The brand’s first fragrance-free product. Dr. Rubin stated that they initially didn’t intend to add fragrance, so that the line would be suitable for people with allergies or sensitivities. Dr. Rubin says, “But when it came to the shower experience we wanted, there had to be a ritual element to it. A real relaxation moment that included multiple sensorial experiences.” We decided to add fragrance because the risk of contact Dermatitis from fragrances in wash-off products is extremely low. This product isn’t able to contact the skin for too long before it is rinsed off. Catalyst is a combination of mandarin, sandalwood, blood orange and eucalyptus. Dr. Rubin says that the fragrance is very spa-like and botanical. It’s sophisticated and we are excited to share it with people, especially at this price.

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Retinol Renewal Body Cream feels light and fast drying. It is packed with skin-loving components to exfoliate, brighten and firm skin. Dr. Rubin says, “I am obsessed with the Retinol Renewal Body Serum.” “I tell people I want to bathe in it. “I have never seen anything on the marketplace that has such a high-quality formulation and that many actives.”

It has retinol and vitamin C encapsulated.

“We have a lot antioxidant support. Dr. Rubin says that we have an evening of skin tone thanks to the retinol, and the niacinamide. Dr. Rubin says, “We have collagen support with the retinol, the vitamin C, and the niacinamide. This was the goal here to create a cocktail actives that was going to address, hyperpigmentation, and creepy skin which are the most common concerns I see when people ask me body questions.”

All of the Fig. signature ingredients are also included in this serum. 1 oils–grapeseed oil, meadowfoam oil, borage and evening primrose. Dr. Rubin says that these oils form the base of all our other Fig products’ emulsions. “We don’t use mineral oil, silicons, or derivatives in our formulations.”

All Over Oil is rich and silky. I add it to my bath water to make my skin soften and moisturize after a long soak.

Dr. Rubin says, “We love to layer it on top of the Retinol Body Serum if we want an additional layer of moisture or to lock in moisture.” This oil can also be used on hair, cuticles and rough patches. If I feel lazy or don’t want to wash my face after a day of hard work, I can just apply a bit of oil and then put on my makeup for the night. This is also my last step in my nighttime skincare routine. It’s almost like using a slugging light to seal the moisture in my skin without needing to use a thick layer of oil like petrolatum.

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It has retinol and vitamin C as well as vitamin E and all the great oils. It’s a beautiful and high-quality product.

These products are selected by our editors. Well+Good may receive a commission if you make a purchase via our links.

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