Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Mumbai Nights’ Popcorn Just Launched, and It Features This RD-Beloved Ingredient


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Priyanka Chopra is an award-winning actress, model and philanthropist. She was also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. can’t do? It is simple: NoChopra’s latest collaboration is proof of this. Chopra, who co-founded Rob’s Backstage Popcorn with Nick Jonas, Chopra created Mumbai Nights, an Indian-inspired popcorn flavor. Chopra says, “I am a serious snacker and I love popcorn with my husband.” It’s always available at our parties so it was natural for us to share what we love to people who know us,” Chopra told W+G.

One kernel of Mumbai Nights will make you forget salt and butter popcorn forever.

Okay, first, popcorn!

Rob Garbowsky founded Rob’s Backstage Popcorn with the Jonas Brothers. Garbowsky, who was a former bass-guitarist, and is currently a member of the Jonas Brothers management team, created his own popcorn recipe years ago. Nick Jonas visited Garbowsky’s home after a rainy concert. Garbowsky prepared a batch for Nick. It was so delicious that Nick brought it backstage to rehearse with the brothers. It quickly became a staple on the “backstage” stage. Rob and the Jonas Brothers have collaborated since then to bring this delicious popcorn to the rest the world.

Chopra is a great example of how there is always more to choose from. Rob suggested that Rob’s Backstage Popcorn be inspired by Indian cuisine when Chopra was on the Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Tour. Chopra explained to Rob that there are so many incredible spices and the country is so varied when it comes food, it’s possible to choose any flavor you like. Rob, Chopra and Nick were convinced and quickly set to work on the ingredients and the name for the popcorn. Mumbai Nights was created through a dinner discussion.

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Mumbai is the city where Priyanka lived for 15 years. The name of the popcorn comes from Mumbai. Chopra says, “It has Indian spices so it has some kick, but it reminds me of humid Mumbai night, when you’re driving to meet friends or watch a movie.” Every bite is delicious (seriously, you’ll not put the bag down), and the combination of turmeric, onion and garlic powder will transport your taste buds to Mumbai’s vibrant energy and delicious dishes.

Chopra saw a need for healthier popcorns in the market and decided to create her own line. She also wanted to share her Indian heritage with the rest, particularly the Western part of the world. Chopra says, “It gives my heart great joy to be able share with others that know me or to put out in the marketplace something that is authentic to who I am.” Mumbai Nights is a spiced and anti-inflammatory snack that can be found at Sam’s Club, Albertsons, Walmart and Sam’s Club. We guarantee you won’t leave the bag behind.

You can reap the benefits of adding turmeric to your popcorn

This flavor-rich popcorn has flavors such as onion powder, garlic powder and sunflower oil. Each kernel pops with a savory and spiced kick. Chopra also added turmeric to give it a kick. Roxana Ehsani MS, RD CSSD, LDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist at Virginia Tech. She says that turmeric is rich in antioxidants which protect your body from damage to cells or infection to healthy cells.

The best thing about turmeric on popcorn is its inability to be exposed to heat during cooking. Ehsani says curcuminoids, the main ingredient in turmeric, can quickly degrade. Ehsani says that it is better to add curcuminoids to food already cooked, such as popcorn, than to a soup and let it cook for hours.

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Chopra wanted to include turmeric in the popcorn’s flavor profiles not only for its health benefits but also because she wanted spices that were “synonymous” with her favorite Indian flavors. According to Niket Sonpal MD, a New York-based gastroenterologist and internist, turmeric is a common spice in Indian cooking. It can be found in many Indian recipes. Curry is made with turmeric, cardamom and coriander mixed with clove, saffron and cumin.

You’ll see why Mumbai Nights is so popular. We’ve eaten many of them.

These products are selected by our editors. Well+Good may receive a commission if you make a purchase via our links.

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