In The Age Of Automation, Focus On Strategy: Agency Best-Practices

“Will AI automate me job?” This question has been asked many times over the past decade but it was not a new one.

ChatGPT is one of many exciting new technologies that are being developed in artificial intelligence and automation. OpenAI’s ChatGPT was launched to the public on December 1, 2022. It gained 1,000,000 users in less that a week.

What does this mean for media buyers and marketers?

Market for marketing automation software is expected to grow. Unlock a market capitalization By 2024, it will be worth $6.4 billion. Marketing automation is used by 51% of companies already and 58% plan to use it in the future, according to Emailmonday.

Advertising automation platforms are gaining popularity and allowing for a variety of marketing campaigns to be created in just a few clicks. Automation advances allow campaigns to scale faster, reach almost all channels in the digital world, and find the right audience at just the right moment.

However, automation has led to a shift in the way agency partners are considered.

Agencies must be focused on providing clients with long-term, unique value. Executional strategies such as Media buying Content development is no longer the main source of innovation. Finding moments that create meaningful connections between customers and brands is the ultimate goal.

AI and automation tools can support productivity, decision making, buying, and other activities. Agencies should focus on human connection, strategy and innovation to differentiate themselves.

1. Understand your target audience

Agencies should examine the target audience of their brand in light of ongoing automation. What is their motivation? What are their core values? What are their values? What products or services resonate the most? Why? What can other agencies do for their clients to be noticed?

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While some might be reluctant to look at other agencies for inspiration, this would be a strategic error. The best way to inspire motivation and innovation is to look at other agencies within the same industry.

To understand the source of their greatest success, agencies should make use of readily available consumer data, social media, and SEO tools. With these tools, it is possible to get a better understanding of the customer’s mindset and to help clients and agencies understand why they do what they do.

2. Develop thoughtful strategies around your mindset

Agencies and clients have agreed on the target customer and the service plan. The next step is to understand why customers do what you do, and then offer clients customized tactics that match that reasoning.

Agencies should refocus their efforts on retaining customers’ attention now that the media buying tactics they used are almost obsolete. Creativity, originality and perspective are not automated.

It is important to shift from looking at eyeballs to gazing.

Agencies should make extra effort to improve the client experience. User experience offerings. While it’s wonderful that customers are drawn to an advertisement, a poor website interface can turn off potential customers and reduce their willingness to buy.

A seamless, inviting experience is the key to turning a first-time customer into a loyal, long-term patron in a world where customers can be met anywhere.

Agency partners can strengthen their relationships and keep them going for the long-term by providing a great customer experience. Customer retention tends to rise when a brand experience is positive. According to 75% of respondents, a brand experience is satisfying for customers. recent survey Good customer service was cited as a reason to keep customers coming back.

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More promising results will be achieved when it is possible to understand the customer’s mindset at particular points. This type of data interpretation is essential to stay ahead of your competition and provide customers with a personalized, meaningful experience.

3. You can control creativity at every stage of the consumer journey

Agents should encourage clients to rethink how they approach creative strategies at each stage of the customer journey.

Companies should first gain awareness of potential buyers and then take control of their interest. In the initial stages of interaction, creative assets shouldn’t feel like sales pitches. They should be informative, educational and entertaining.

It is crucial to use creativity early in the customer journey. However, it is equally important that those creative strengths are carried through the entire experience. The agency has the responsibility to make sure that the customer is satisfied and continues to build a relationship with them.

A lasting impression is made by memorable and creative design Color alone can make a brand memorable. Controlling creative assets at every stage of the customer journey will determine whether customers continue to build a relationship with the brand, or if they simply move on.

An agency must be prepared to provide value and move forward when marketing automation software is in shadow.

As the industry enters a new era, agencies must consider several suggestions. Agencies would do well to think from the perspective of their customers and strategize accordingly. What is the customer of a particular product or service? What is the customer’s journey? What are the barriers or challenges to discovery?

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Keeping these foundational questions in your mind will ensure that any agency is successful even if human-run media buying ceases to exist.

The right strategy is the difference maker for agencies. Agencies will be more successful if they have a clear view of how to implement that strategy, report on its implementation, and then empower it.

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