Are You There, ChatGPT? It

ChatGPT cannot be avoided if you are using dial-up. Since the iPhone’s first release, I have never seen such a rapid rise in technology interest.

ChatGPT’s release has brought forth breathless headlines and thought pieces that have blossomed like an early spring field of daffodils.

ChatGPT: The end of the college essay? ChatGPT, your future career? ChatGPT should it be allowed to vote?

My company isn’t afraid to embrace new technology; we love staying on top of the latest trends. ChatGPT was offered an internship in marketing to find out how it could benefit. Adding to Our business.

These are our findings.

1. It is not the right tool to complete your essay. Instead, use it for the beginning and end.

Spoiler alert: This article was not written by ChatGPT. To see if it would respond to my essay questions, I sent ChatGPT some queries.

I requested a 600 word essay about how to convince consumers to buy a faster, more powerful computer. It was asked to write in the “tone of a calm, reassuring salesperson” for good measure.

I was provided with a 600-word essay that was written quickly and competently. The essay was persuasive, highlighting the benefits of upgrading such as increased performance and security. Some things were not right, like how upgrading your computer could increase the resale price of your home. Old computer. The writing contained a lot repetition, some even included Two conclusions.

This was to be expected as ChatGPT is still a young technology. It did however stress to me the importance double-checking any copy ChatGPT gives.

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What was ChatGPT able to provide me? Information. It compiled summaries and paragraphs of information.

However, Effective thought leadership Provides Continue reading It provides more than just information. It provides the reader with introspection And Personal experiencesTrue stories of success, failure and ingenuity when under pressure. Artificial intelligence can’t do that.

ChatGPT is best used for thought leadership. A writer must analyze the data. Information ChatGPT will then return Synthesize A coherent argument that incorporates that information with an experience-driven perspective.

ChatGPT is, in the end, a “smart” messaging system. resource; It’s not one-stop shopping.

DO use it for research and ideation

ChatGPT provides a wealth of information and can be used as a jumping off point. You can dig into the topics it covers as well as add personal stories and experiences.

ChatGPT is a source of information but does not provide real-world examples. We have a lot of customer stories and experiences that we can use to develop case studies, blog posts and marketing personas. ChatGPT can’t replicate these interactions. It is up to us, however, to find the right stories for the ideas ChatGPT presents.

It shouldn’t be used for sensitive topics

Marketing has taught me one thing: Perception is everything.

Vanderbilt University recently sent an AI-generated email about a recent topic to its student body. Very Sensitive topic: A school shooting. It was a remarkable backlash. Why? Why? Perception The AI-written letter was sent.

We need human connection in times of crisis. The university was to send the letter to the recipients. They were taken care of. The perception was that the university had lost its identity when it delegated the task to an AI engine. They didn’t take the time to write it.

This letter contained information but not insight. There was no human connection.

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When your goal is to Write to establish a connection with people it’s More important It is easier to write it yourself than it is to do it perfectly. Accept your human imperfections.

Use it to push yourself

A simple challenge was presented to us: Create a LinkedIn post asking people to join. Vote for us to speak at an occasion. The first pass was completed by our copywriter, who then gave ChatGPT the following instructions: “Write a LinkedIn posting asking the audience to vote in favor of us as speakers.” Keep the tone lively.

The two posts were compared. First, we noticed how engaging the opening AI-post was. Your help is needed.

It was a punchy, simple opening. ChatGPT was quicker to get to the point than our copywriter. We combined the AI-written opening and the copywriter’s body text.

This is where ChatGPT has proven to be successful: creating engaging openings. Subject lines. These are the things we borrow and use to inspire us to create more interesting copy.

It can be used as both an information gathering tool and an idea generator. Learn and be inspired. My copywriter said, “The robots won’t out-write me today.”

* * *

I stated that I did not use ChatGPT to create this essay. That’s true. But, after I was done, I gave it to ChatGPT, and asked for a summary. You (the audience) to see our entire essay.

Here’s what I got back.

Sana Commerce decided to test ChatGPT and see if it could help our marketing efforts. Our findings might surprise you.

ChatGPT may not be ready to create thought leadership pieces yet, but it was extremely useful in ideation and research. It allowed us to discover new trends, generate interesting openings, and create subject lines. We also learned that ChatGPT could be used for sensitive topics, which could lead to a loss of connection with our audience.

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Want to learn more about ChatGPT’s experience? Check out our latest essay to find out how ChatGPT can help your marketing team.

It’s not bad, is it? It delivers the essential findings and leaves you wanting more.

ChatGPT does not create, it collates. It can reach across the Internet to pull disparate content together into a coherent whole.

Play to your strengths and ask it to brainstorm, to list, or to create.

But don’t expect it to connect. This is your job. This is what you love as a human being.

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