5 Fixes for Yoga Poses That Are Uncomfortable When You Have Large Breasts

According to our knowledge, yoga’s oldest systems were developed by men. We can conclude that yoga poses were not designed to be curved, but straight lines. This means that poses may be difficult or impossible for people with large bosoms.

What can a busy yoga student like me do? As we teach and practice yoga, we need to think more than just offering variations. It is not enough to simply adjust a posture so that it approximates the traditional form. Yoga postures have an impact on the subtle and physical bodies, too. It is important to look at other options, not just the same form, for poses like those that bring the chest towards the thighs or the arms in front of the chest.

Child’s Pose is designed to relax the back and instill calm. If you are tall and can’t get your torso to the mat, or are large breasted, it will be difficult for you to stretch your back. While it might be possible to replicate the traditional shape by propping yourself, it won’t provide the same stretch. Upavistha Konasana, Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend, might be a better choice for some of us. It accomplishes what Child’s Pose does to the back and Savasana for the core to replicate its subtle effects on the subtle body.

Here are some suggestions to help you adapt your practice to your specific needs.tanabhara (Sanskrit for “breast weight”).

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Five Yoga Poses That Are Not Comfortable for Large Breasts

Jeff Nelson

Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Large-breasted women face a challenge Balancing poses open the shoulders and back, and strengthen the core and legs. Your primary challenge is to get your arms in line with your chest.

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Here’s how to fix it: Your arms should be folded in a self hug. Keep your elbows on the top of your other. Place your hands on your shoulders. It’s like the upper body equivalent to Fire Log. Keep your elbows up and above your chest. Any Eagle variant can have your legs and core in it.

Jeff Nelson

Parivrta Utkatasana is a Revolved Chair Pose

Large-breasted women face a challenge Revolved chair pose’s traditional goal is now a twist. You can either raise your arms in prayer or reach your upper arm up while reaching for your top arm. If your breasts are large, each pose challenges. It can be difficult to stretch your arm when your bottom arm is directly in front of you breasts. Your twist will be limited as a result.

Here’s how to fix it: Traditional pose requires that your hips face forward. Instead of trying to reach the mat, twist your hips slightly. You can leverage your knee to twist your chest rather than open it.

Jeff Nelson

Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose)

Large-breasted women face a challenge Your body can be pulled out of alignment by the weight of your breasts in traditional Chaturanga. Even if you have your torso aligned correctly, your breasts will still be higher than the rest. Chaturanga’s physical benefits (strengthening your arms and core) is less important to me than its subtle benefits (connection with the breath during challenging vinyasa practices).

Here’s how to fix it: I choose the traditional Chaturanga once in a while, but I also allow myself to trade it for Plank Pose with my knees. Then, I can either drop to the floor in Bhujangasana or take Urdhva mukha Svasana (Upward-Facing Dog).

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Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulderstand).

Large-breasted women face a challenge Although it may feel like we are drowning ourselves, Shoulderstand can be done by those who have the financial means. This pose has two main purposes: to lengthen the spine and to lock the chin.

Here’s how to fix it: Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall) can be used to lengthen the back as well as reap the benefits of inversion. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana can be used to achieve the chin lock. If you want to stretch your spine, Uttansana is a good option.

Jeff Nelson

Marichyasana (“Seated Twist”)

Large-breasted women face a challenge My experience with seated spinal twists like Marichyasana I or III has been that it can be difficult to move your right arm forward when you are twisting to the left. This is even if your core and hips are fully twisted. It can be hard to bring your bent leg closer to your torso. (Actually, it can be difficult to get your bent leg close to your torso in a folded position. The exception is Standing Forward Bend, where gravity helps you.

Here’s how to fix it: Focus on the twisting action in Marichyasana III, and forget the forward fold. Instead of trying to grab your elbow with your leg, keep your bottom leg straight. Instead, focus on the twisting action of Marichyasana III by placing your opposite hand on your bent knee.

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