How To Write A Press Release For Your Art Exhibition

When you’re putting together an exhibition of your work, getting the word out there is essential. This can be a difficult task. That’s where a press release comes in. A press release is a concise document that effectively tells your story. It can be used to announce your exhibition, attract media attention, and more. By following these tips, you can write a press release that will help promote your exhibition and attract the attention you deserve.

Why A Press Release For Your Art Exhibition Different From Other Marketing Materials?

A press release is a public relations document distributed to journalists to announce the launch of a new product, event, or exhibition. A press release should be written in an engaging and easy-to-read style and highlight the most essential points about the announcement.

Press releases are generally divided into two types: news releases and feature releases. A news release is designed to disseminate information about current events or impending news items. A feature release, on the other hand, highlights new products or developments from a company or organization.

Some tips for writing successful press releases include formatting your material clearly and concisely, focusing on critical points, using strong images and graphics, and targeting specific media outlets. Additionally, it is essential to remember what type of announcement you are making – news releases should be geared towards mainstream media outlets, while feature releases are better suited for trade publications or website content. Finally, always follow up with reporters after sending out a press release to ensure your information reaches its target audience.

What Should The Press Release For Your Art Exhibition Include?

When preparing to launch your art exhibition, there are a few key points to keep in mind. Firstly, release a press release to announce the show’s date, location, and type of art. Secondly, include photos or artwork to support your message. And finally, create an event page on your website or social media account so visitors can learn more about the exhibition and purchase tickets.

Keep these tips in mind when writing your upcoming exhibit’s press release, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

Details About The Exhibition

The Artists’ Reception opens on Thursday, September 27th, from 7-10pm and will feature live music by Jazz Cartel. The Exhibit Runs Until October 17th. 

The exhibition features the paintings and prints of over 15 talented local artists. Highlights include a variety of mediums such as oil, acrylics, watercolor, mixed media, and more. Representing a wide range of styles, the exhibit will please art enthusiasts of all levels. The exhibition is open to the public from Friday, September 28th through Sunday, October 17th, from 12-5pm. Admission is free for everyone! For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or call (813) 377-0466 ext 2

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A Writeup About The Exhibition

If you’re planning an art exhibition, you’ll need to write a press release. When writing your release, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  1. Start by describing your exhibition and what makes it unique.
  2. Talk about the artists involved and their backgrounds.
  3. Describe how people can attend the show and what they can expect.
  4. Include information about how to purchase tickets and any other pertinent details.
  5. End with a summary of the show’s goals and why people should attend.

Here’s an example of a press release for an upcoming exhibition by Chicago painter Ryan McNaught:

“Ryan McNaught’s ‘Chicago’ is an installation of large scale paintings depicting cityscapes from different parts of the Windy City. The exhibit opens with McNaught’s new painting, ‘Lake Michigan Sunrise,’ which captures the beauty of this famous waterfront location at dawn.”

“McNaughton has exhibited his work throughout Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Rome, but this is his first solo exhibition in Milwaukee. The featured paintings will be on display at Atrium Art Gallery through September 5th.”

“Atrium Art Gallery is located at 427 N 4th Street in Milwaukee.”

Biographical Information

Welcome to our blog post on how to write a press release for your art exhibition. A press release is an essential tool for promoting your art exhibition and can be used by arts organizations, galleries, and artists. Here, we will provide tips on writing an effective press release and some ideas for content that you may want to include.

While not all press releases need to be lengthy or in-depth, a well-written one will give your audience an overview of the event, highlight the work of the artists involved, and promote attendance. To help you write a concise and compelling press release, here are some essential tips:

1. Keep it Short

Keep your press release concise and to the point. Avoid using flowery language or long paragraphs; stick to bullet points or short sentences that inform your reader about the event. Remember: brevity is vital when releasing information to the public!

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2. Be a Professional

The tone of your press release should be professional and aimed at informing readers about the event rather than selling tickets or advertising sponsorships. Use correct grammar and punctuation, and make sure all information is accurate.

3. Organization is Key

Planning is vital when writing a press release – take time to organize your thoughts before beginning to draft. This will help ensure that your message is clear and easy for readers to follow. Additionally, be sure to list contact information (including website addresses), dates/times of events,

An Image

If you have an art exhibition, there are a few things you need to do to get the word out there. First, create a press release. This document will serve as your template and guide for writing about your exhibition. Next, send out press releases to local newspapers and magazines. Finally, post flyers in local businesses and on public bulletin boards.

The press release should be formatted like this:

  1. Title of Art Exhibition
  2. Location of Art Exhibition
  3. Date of Art Exhibition
  4. Contact Information
  5. Gallery Name or Website if Available
  6. Media Inquiries: email address, phone number, fax number

Additional Images

There are a few key steps to prepare a press release for your art exhibition. First, make sure the release is professionally written. This will help to ensure that your content is clear and concise. Second, target a relevant news outlet. This will help you reach potential viewers who are interested in your work and might be able to give you coverage. Finally, distribute the release widely. This will help build interest in your exhibition and increase journalists’ chances of writing about it.

Additional images:

  1. Front cover of press release template
  2. A screenshot of the artwork displayed in the exhibition
  3. A screenshot of the artist’s biography or bio page on their website
  4. A screenshot of promotional materials such as posters or flyers

Artwork Credit Information

When announcing your upcoming art exhibition, it is important to include accurate information about the artists and their work. Here are a few tips for writing a press release for your exhibition:

  1. Begin by stating the date of the exhibition and the location where it will be held.
  2. Describe the artwork on display and list any relevant artist bios.
  3. Outline any special events or activities that will be taking place during the exhibition, such as artist lectures or book signings.
  4. End with a brief recap of audience turnout and conclusions drawn from the exhibition’s success.
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“For Further Information…”

“If you’re planning on showcasing your artwork in a public venue, such as an art gallery or museum, it’s essential to submit a press release to attract attention from potential buyers and journalists. A well-written release can help generate interest in your work and increase sales.

Here are some tips for writing a successful release:

  1. Be concise. Keep your message simple and focused..
  2. Use strong language and vivid images to capture readers’ attention.
  3. Proofread carefully to avoid typos and grammatical errors.
  4. Get creative with your marketing materials – add attractive graphics, photos, or videos to make your release pop!

Who Should I Send A Press Release To?

If you are exhibiting your artwork in a public or commercial setting, such as a gallery or museum, you should send a press release to the appropriate media outlets. However, if you exhibit your work privately, you can send a press release to any interested parties.

A press release is a document that provides information about your art exhibition or event. It is essential to ensure that your press release is well-written and captures the attention of potential media outlets. When preparing your press release, make sure to include the following:

  1. The date of the exhibition or event
  2. A description of the artwork exhibited
  3. The location of the exhibition or event
  4. The telephone number for more information
  5. A list of media outlets that will be covering the exhibition or event

Once you have completed your press release, you should email it to all of the listed media outlets. You can also post it online if desired. Remember that press releases should be regularly updated, so reporters have up-to-date information when writing about your exhibition or event.

Tip: Include A Personal Note

When you’re creating a press release for your upcoming art exhibition, be sure to include a personal note. This will help to set the tone and highlight your artist’s unique perspective on the work. For example, you could quote an artist saying, “This is my latest piece – it’s about what we leave behind after we die.” This will help potential media outlets connect with your work meaningfully.


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