How To Fix Blurry PFP On Discord – A Simple Guide

Discord provides 140 million active users with free voice, video, and text so that people worldwide can join in conversations and online forums. Users can create profiles that display their personal information and their profile photo.

However, Discord users have recently reported problems with blurry profiles within the application. If you’re experiencing this issue, this article will show the solution.

How To Fix Blurry PFP On Discord

The most effective way to fix blurry PFP on Discord is to upload your PFP via a browser instead of using the Discord application. Here’s how you can solve a blurry profile photo on Discord:

  1. Access Discord using the internet using a browser.
  2. Log into Discord and Navigate to user settings.
  3. Select “Change Avatar” and upload your photo.
  4. Edit and view your profile photo.

1.      Access Discord using the internet using a browser

If you want to fix a blurred profile image to fix a blurry profile picture on Discord, it is necessary to sign in to Discord using either a mobile or desktop browser running on the Mac or PC.

Within the Address Bar In the address bar, in the address bar, type “” and tap “Enter” or  “Go.”

Notice: If you only type “,” there will not be a way to log into the service. You will only have the option of downloading the mobile application. You’ll need to go to the login page to log in to your Discord account through an internet browser.

If you’re on a mobile device, you’ll have a chance to access the desktop-only version of our site.

Here’s how to connect to Discord on your desktop. Discord for Android:

  1. Start Google’s Chrome search engine on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Open your Discord site’s login page.
  3. Tap three dots in the upper-right part of the display.
  4. Check the box which reads “Desktop Site.”
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The procedure is a bit different if you’re using an iPhone alternatively. Here are the steps you have to do to connect to Discord on your desktop. Discord for an iPhone:

  1. Start your Safari browser.
  2. Visit the Discord site’s login page.
  3. Click “AA” in the top corner of the bar for the address.
  4. Select “Request Desktop Website.”

The user interface on this website’s desktop versions isn’t designed for mobile devices; you’ll have to be able to zoom out and in to get access to different areas on Discord. Discord website.

2.      Log Into Discord And Navigate To User Settings

After you have accessed Discord’s Login page, you’ll get an invitation to enter your account details. You’ll need your email address, the telephone number associated with your account, and the Discord password. After entering your credentials, click “Login” to finish the registration procedure and gain access to your account.

After logging in, locate your profile picture. On your desktop, it is usually on the left-hand corner of the screen for messages. On the right side, there’s an icon for gears. Click on the gear icon to go to the page for settings.

On the left-hand sidebar of your settings screen, there are various menus. Find and tap “User Profile.”

3.      Select “Change Avatar” And Upload Your Image

When you are on your Users Profile page, click “Change Avatar.” From the menu, choose the location where you want to save your image. Picture Library or Take Photo or Browse:

  • Photo Library. If the profile picture you want is available in your phone’s picture gallery, you can choose this option.
  • Take Photo. If you’d like to retake your profile picture, choose this option to access your phone’s camera.
  • Choose this option if the wanted image is on a different area on your smartphone, for instance, or on an SD card.
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Choose the image that you want and click the image and then click. Click “Add” to upload your new Discord profile photo.

4.      Edit and View Your New Profile Picture

When uploading your photo, Discord gives you the option of centering or resizing the image to the size you feel appropriate. After you’ve made the desired adjustments, click “Apply” to save and upload the image.

Return to Your Discord profile and check out the picture. Because you uploaded the image through the desktop site instead of the mobile app, it shouldn’t appear blurry.

When you change your Discord photo, you should keep on your toes that Discord restricts the number of times you can change the picture within a set time. If you’ve tried to alter the profile picture several times, you might wait an extended period until you’re ready to upload it.

How To Make A Discord Profile Picture More Clear?

You can make your Discord profile image clearer by resizing it to 128×128 pixels and as close to 8MB. If this doesn’t work, upload the image again using an internet browser. Discord is experiencing a glitch that causes profiles uploaded through the mobile app to appear blurry.

For many Discord people, a blurred profile photo is only an issue. For others, the Discord profile photo reveals the person they are, so the blurry picture is annoying. If you’re not willing to wait for Discord to release an update to fix the issue within the app, follow these steps to make your Discord profile photo as straightforward as possible.

Why Does PFP On Discord Become Blurry?

A profile image on Discord could be blurry if it’s not large enough (that is, less than 128 x 128 pixels or less than 8 megabytes). If your profile picture is adequate in size, then your blurry profile image on Discord could be due to an error in Discord’s Discord system.

Discord is very aware of the problem with blurry profile images. It appears to be most likely a problem with the iOS application. On July 20, 2021, the app issued a Tweet acknowledging the issue.

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Most users will find this issue is solved by uploading their profile image via a web browser instead of using the iOS or Android application.

After users reported the issue, Discord claimed to have provided the fix. However, many users were still suffering from blurry profile photos on Discord. As of now, it’s not known what Discord is planning to release a second solution.

Does A Blurry PFP Only Happen On Mobile?

Profile pictures that appear blurry on Discord result from an error in the Discord mobile application. The issue causes uploaded images to appear blurred. However, users can upload their profile photos using an internet browser (mobile or PC) or Mac) to fix the problem.

Many of Discord’s users connect to the servers using Android and iOS mobile applications. People who use the service’s mobile application notice the Discord profile photos get blurry when they change the picture. Users who use Discord’s Desktop Version of Discord aren’t affected by the same issue.

Final Thoughts

Discord is a great sound and helpful app, mainly to stay connected with your people who have common interests. However, every technology is susceptible to be a victim of bugs and glitches, and Discord isn’t an exception.

The good news is that getting rid of a blurry profile photo on Discord isn’t tricky. Your picture will be more transparent and brighter with just a few simple steps.


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