Freemote Reviews: Real-World Experience

Freemote is a seven-week, self-paced online Freelance Developer training program. Students of Freemote will learn front-end development web development, web development, how to create Shopify stores Shopify creation, how to sign contracts to onboard, communicate and offer remote freelance development services.

The curriculum of Freemote is taught by way of 200+ coding classes that include instructional videos, a built-in code editor, tests and projects, more than 25 hours’ worth of content in video, and access to checklists that can be downloaded as well as templates and cheat sheets.

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Accessibility of Freemote:

Freemote is accessible to all students, including those who are new to the sport. Students can progress through the course at different speeds dependent on their technical stage.

Students of the Freemote Freelance Developer Bootcamp will receive portfolios of freelancers, strategy education, a masterclass on freelancing, and access to instructors and technical mentors through a Facebook community.

Freemote Reviews

Freemote Reviews: Right on Time Web development course

At the beginning of 2021, I was in a paid course to get familiar with web development. due to a demanding job, I could not keep up with the pace and complete the course in the time that I had sat and thought about prolonging.

Luckily was On YouTube I came across an advert for Freemote which I thoroughly enjoyed the concept, especially the self-paced aspect. It was even better the fact that the instructor was Aaron Jack, I was already watching his videos on YouTube (he is a YouTuber, as you may have guessed) and I had a feeling that his credibility and real person.

Best part

The best part for me was the fact that before enrolling I was asked two questions: one on the feedback (mentors or instructors in the course) and if I could receive it should I need it? The other was instead of being an e-commerce freelance web developer, I was to get a regular position as a web developer for a business or a company how would the course assist me to get there?

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And I received 2 answers when I emailed freemote in an extremely short amount of time (like one day) And it turned out to be Aaron Jack himself and his answers were precise and precisely the information I was seeking. In general, for the feedback of my mentors (mentors and instructors) it was yes, and for the normal web development job I was assured that the course was perfect for this and Aaron clarified to me that this was a question that a lot of people had asked.

Freemote Reviews: Real-world experience

The e-commerce experience on your resume will represent “real-world experience” that will give you an edge in applying for normal web development jobs. This is something that beginning web development candidates may not be able to possess. I also learned from Aaron that Freemote assisted people who wanted to create agencies too.
After registering, everything went just as I expected in the most efficient way. And the course has many materials and is certainly suitable for people who are new to programming (like me). And more experienced programmers could also benefit if they wanted to master Shopify eCommerce.

It can take a while to cover all the content unless you are already familiar with HTML. CSS, and Javascript. In addition to the things, the instructor does with the students. There are numerous tasks, quizzes, and assignments some of the major projects.


Instructors (Aaron Jan and Aaron) Jan) are excellent in their job of explaining the material well, concisely, and clearly and it’s evident they’re paying attention to feedback from students (as an example in one video, which is deemed “bonus” Jan is saying that he was able to do it because students requested it for it and that the film is shorter than maybe 25 minutes, and you can see he was prepared for the event). The instructors (Instructors Aaron and Jan) respond to comments on videos or lessons even though I have never personally commented. The instructors or mentors (other than Aaron as well as Jan) also respond to the comments regularly.

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If I require help I ask an instructor my request via email along with a URL to the codepen for the project. I usually receive a reply the next day via a looming video (remote says to expect a response within 2472 hours, however, I haven’t got to the 72-hour mark with them, which is quite impressive. !!!).

So far, the only instructor I’m cooperating with is Berk (I haven’t completed the course but I am getting closer to it). Berk is extremely thorough and explains things very easily (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) The first time he emailed me a loom response that took 20 minutes. He was also comprehensive (and longer if necessary) and they were all rapid responses.

Freelancing skills & Strategy

One of the weeks in the course is devoted to “Freelancing skills & Strategy” and here are numerous hours (containing several in-depth video tutorials) covering everything you can think of related to this topic such as virtual office setup and portfolio setup, business strategies as well as freelance work through UpWork (including the submission of your completed UpWork profile to be reviewed and review!) Direct freelancing contracts, onboarding, and many more topics.

I highly recommend this course if looking to become an e-commerce website developer or any web developer.

Excellent course

This is a legitimate course. I am learning daily. The tips given are extremely practical and simple. There is no unnecessary time. Expect to commit an enormous amount of time. 20 hours of focused work. No distractions. This is the most effective and most efficient way to remember knowledge. This is real learning and not a quick-fix to riches BS. Be realistic about your expectations from this course

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Freemote Reviews: Informative, Engaging, and Transformative

After an occupation that I believed I was passionate about and was happy with. I started a lengthy process of learning to code as I could not afford the expensive boot camps.

A Freemote advertisement was posted on Instagram after a long day at work. The failure of trying to master the basics of JavaScript. The way Aaron demonstrated this course through the video promo was extremely entertaining.

  • Self-paced course with videos of concept walkthroughs
  • Coding languages include HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Liquid
  • Specialization in Shopify
  • Development of your career through direct freelancing and UpWork alternatives.
  • Facebook group to offer assistance

Freemote Reviews: method that Aaron and Jan instruct

The method that Aaron and Jan instruct the material is precisely what I was looking for.

The course has enabled me to quit my horrible job and find clients directly through freelancing or UpWork. The course has changed my life at work and allowed me to pursue a career I truly enjoy doing while also having the flexibility for me to enjoy my time with my loved ones.