Otter PR Review: Find Out What Otter Can Do for Your PR Strategy

Simply put Simple and straightforward, we can get you relevant media coverage. Through media relations and sophisticated techniques for PR, we ensure the best results for each client.

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The Otter PR Method for Public Relations Campaigns:

We are aware that when you need to get your message out there it is essential to work with an agency with knowledge and contacts. We are Otter PR, we have more than 300 years of experience in the fields of PR strategies, PR tactics, publishing, marketing as well as social media. With us by our side, your message will be read from Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC as well as other respected organizations. It’s getting your message everywhere!

I was a bit skeptical at first, but…

I was a bit initially skeptical, but after two months of working Colleen as well as her staff I was awed by the results, the communication and professionalism. Colleen has helped me find the publication I was hoping for and is currently working hard to help me get greater media exposure. I would highly suggest Otter PR to any person searching for media relations or public relations coverage.

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In collaboration with Otter PR, I was sure in my abilities…

When I worked with Otter PR, I was certain I would receive excellent service. We were able to communicate with all involved in the project. They’ve got lots of innovative and creative ideas that will help the business make a mark. Our team was awarded high-profile media coverage during the third week. Thanks!

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Otter Public Relations was a team of Otter Public Relations…

The staff at Otter Public Relations was extremely attentive. I appreciated the extra effort they put in to assist with branding and communicating outside of the scope of the original project. One of the things I like best with Otter PR is the ability to offer honest opinions and push me to think differently. I took their advice to help me improve my branding and my speaking!

The first Otter Training session for PR took place…

The first Otter PR-related training session was very informative. We were taught new techniques for advertising on the internet and the best way to address minor issues that arise in our public relations campaigns.

Have worked for Otter PR

I’ve worked with Otter PR and they are extremely proficient in their work. I highly recommend the team!

5-stars are the best all over the board

I’ve worked with Otter Public Relations coming up for a month. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I first joined. It’s true that… Kristen and my team have exceeded my expectations. I’m always working under pressure with a lot of work to do, so having Otter as an integral part of my team is a huge blessing. I’m incredibly proud to say that Otter Public Relations is my PR partner and a part of the Broken Girl Unchained Podcasting team. They are able to understand my vision and they’ve helped me to provide BGU the voice it deserves. Special

Shoutout to Kristen. She’s a rock star. Your team and you inspire me.

Otter is now an integral component in our entire strategy!

My company is on its third month of partnering in Otter PR and has seen amazing results to date. Jay, Scott, and the Otter team are now an integral part of our overall plan, your team is a beast! We thank you for all your dedication.

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My best experience I’ve ever experienced in working with PR

Verified purchase

I am a small-scale business owner, and have been working with Otter for the past year. They’ve helped me get featured in the media more than 40 times about a handful companies I run. They are now helping me to get TEDx which is exciting! The most exciting thing is that they continuously update their strategies and share expectations.

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