How to Get Verified on Instagram (Step by Step Guide)

It seems like almost every user on Instagram has a ‘Blue’ badge, don’t you think? Of course, it’s dependent on who you follow. We’re not talking about relatives and friends. I’m talking about celebrities, famous people, successful entrepreneurs, sports stars, etc.

It’s fancy and looks like it’s exclusive, isn’t it?

Blue badges are a sign of authority. A blue badge signifies authority, credibility, and trust… The blue badge is a sign that you are a person of importance. I have great information for those who want to get it. It doesn’t require you to have the title of the American president to wear the badge. It’s not even necessary to have millions of people to follow you.

The issue is how to be authenticated on Instagram.

There was until recently no way to request Instagram for confirmation. It was possible to just pray that an employee stumbles across you and then decides that you are worthy of that blue badge.

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Verification was reserved for celebrities and celebrities, politicians, etc.

The time has passed…

Everybody (ok it’s not everyone) is able to get your account verified.

It’s a straightforward process that you can use to request a confirmation of the authenticity of your account.

It is important to note that not everyone who asks for verification is approved. I’ve created an easy step-by-step guide for setting up your account to have greater odds of being accepted. There are certain requirements that you must satisfy in order to be approved.

The benefits of Instagram verification

Exclusivity Verified accounts belong to the exclusive club. It’s simple to obtain the badge via Twitter. Pinterest provides this badge to every business account. Instagram does not. In reality, celebrities don’t have to post any photos and can earn the badge. You can also have millions of fans; Instagram might deny your request. This is the way it is.

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Beware of identity theft from your brand I’ve witnessed this many times. If you’ve put in the effort to create an outstanding brand, however, every video, image, or image is branded and then someone attempts to publish them on their own. In these instances, if you’re a verified user that you have, Instagram is more likely to assist you in defending yourself from the thefts. The more popular you get and the more copycats attempt to steal and copy your work. This is a fact.

Credibility – Naturally, the blue badge on the middle of your LinkedIn bio is a sign of trust. When someone views your profile, even if they have done not know you existed it is a sure sign that they have come to consider you an authentic person.

Authority This will allow you to distinguish your account from other accounts. It’s a way to show your status. It implies that your account is important and your follower base will certainly expand quicker.

Access to beta tools when Instagram tests new functions, users who are verified get access before everyone elsewhere (most times). Did you know that Instagram’s swipe-up feature in Instagram stories was released? Only verified users were able to use it. It does not matter the number of followers that they’ve got. If you’d like to be eligible for this feature, you must have at least 10k followers. Users who are verified do not.

How do I get verified for verification on Instagram?

1.) Navigate to your settings. Tap the 3-line icon at the upper right corner. Click Settings in the lower.

2.) Click ‘account’, and you will see the option to request verification.

3.) You are now required to send the following documents:

Instagram username (Type the username of the account you wish to verify)

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Your Full Name (Type the full title of your name on your official identification cards or documents. If you’d like to get an account that is business-related verified, you must enter that name for your business)

Also known as (Again it’s an individual name or the title of your business)

Account Type (Make sure you choose your closest matches)

A valid photo ID (Instagram lets you select from driver’s licenses as well as national identification cards, passports, and other official business documents, such as power bills, utility bills statements for bank accounts, tax documents, etc.)

4) That’s all. Just click the send button and then wait… days, hours and days, weeks… The app doesn’t have a set time at which Instagram must take your message. Make sure to be patient. It’s impossible to change it. There’s no way to speed up the process.

The must-have requirements you have to adhere to

Luckily to us, Instagram explains to us precisely what it needs and requires to obtain the badge of verification you want. The four essential factors are below.

authentic The account you sign up with has to be authentic and represent an individual or a legally-formed business.

Complete – Ensure that your account is visible and that all areas of your profile are completed. I’m talking about all of them.

Unique Your page has to be distinctive. If you’ve designed pages around subjects like dogs, cats, or sports stars, or it’s a repost one (meaning that you only share content from other accounts) the request you submit is more likely to be rejected. Similar is the case for fan pages of famous personalities and clubs.

Notable the larger your following, and the more well-known you are. The more well-known your brand’s image is, the greater likelihood that Instagram will recognize you as an individual important and worthy of verifying.

Explore and seek out Instagram accounts that are verified Instagram accounts

Research and search for similar influencers and accounts in your area that are confirmed. You can gain lots of useful information from your competitors.

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You can ask these kinds of questions

* What is the frequency of posts on their social media accounts?

What kind of content are they posting?

Which is the most popular material?

  • How long has their bank account been in existence?

Are they running a blog or a website?

* What is a number of Instagram followers do they have?

These details will help you understand what you have to complete to be able to get the verification.

Things to be aware of prior to requesting the confirmation

There is no requirement of a minimum number of followers as I said previously, there’s no minimum number of followers needed. The president from Germany asked for verification, the president had less than a thousand followers. The request was accepted.

IG does not provide any explanations for a request that isn’t accepted, Instagram will not give the reason. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to modify your profile Follow the steps above and request confirmation again.

IG is conducting the research on its own The employee who is conducting their own study. Do your best to follow the above steps for all the other platforms for social media. Your blog, website, or another website, etc.

IG is a time-bound method to complete the procedure It could take as little as a couple of hours or days or months. There is no other choice than to remain patient.

Last words

Since Instagram let’s all users request confirmation – it’s worthwhile to try it. It will not harm you in any way whether you’re accepted or not.

Follow the directions in this instructional video Follow the steps in this tutorial, and you’ll take a step towards getting the sought-after blue confirmation badge.


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