Dr. Jay Feldman: Brings Fitness Into Homes With Low Incomes

Dr. Jay Feldman is a medically trained Osteopathic doctor, professional college volleyball player, and serial entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, with a love for fitness and health, He has created numerous companies with the intention in mind to educate and encourage a healthy lifestyle for all. He is committed to teaching the people who aren’t served with the benefits of natural and holistic medicine to improve the lives of people.

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Dr. Jay Feldman grew up in Parkland, Fl, went through a rough financial life, and then decided to alter the course in his own life. He decided to go to Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) in order to learn how to become a doctor. Feldman continued into his final destination at the University of Florida for his Pre-Med classes and did his best to attend the college that he had always wanted to attend Touro College for Osteopathic Medical Sciences located in New York, NY. While in college, he realized his love for entrepreneurship and started to build profitable businesses like Otter, PR, and Institute.

Dr. Jay Feldman Early Athletic Career

As a professional and collegiate volleyball athlete, Feldman learned the power of community in the fitness industry. Alongside his studies of physiology and medicine, Feldman was interested in the health of people, nutrition, and the practical aspects of exercise. He had a dream of making a home gym and portable one available to all the members of society, free of cost, based on the conviction that everybody deserves to be healthy and fit. When the epidemic affected the population, people could not exercise and felt extremely lonely, Feldman saw a problem that he was able to solve. He founded REX Fitness.

REX Fitness is built to bring fitness members together in the community. It also gives members access to the REX Home Gym community to everyone at no cost. Rex Gym Rex Gym is entire fitness equipment that is lightweight and user-friendly which prepares users to be successful. The Rex Gym is a versatile system that totally reinvents resistance training to perform more than 100 exercises, ranging from 20lbs up to 100lbs, which means that anyone of any level of fitness can utilize the system easily.

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REX Social Mission Of Fitness

Dr. Jay Feldman dreamt of offering affordable options individuals could be able to take good care of their bodies from the privacy of their own homes, without breaking the bank. By joining REX fitness, you get access to live training and join the fitness community to help you stay in good shape and achieve your fitness goals from the safety and comfort in the privacy of your home.

Education doesn’t stop at fitness. Dr. Feldman uses his medical training to guide people to take control of their health using traditional and natural remedies that are traditionally disregarded by western medical practices. Utilizing the potential in social media, he can reach out to audiences around the globe, Feldman shares his passion and knowledge about fitness and health via his YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok and disperses positive messages across thousands around the world. Feldman is a doctor. Feldman also touches the entrepreneurial community with his highly successful podcast Mentors Collective.

5 Great Pieces Of Home Fitness Equipment By Dr. Jay Feldman

When it comes to home fitness center equipment there are three important aspects to be considered. They include transportability as well as the cost of use. You must ensure that the equipment you purchase fits into your home and that you make use of what you purchase (getting the appropriate items for your needs and goals) Also, you must ensure you’re getting the most value to your money.

Jay Feldman will discuss in this piece five essential pieces of fitness equipment that could provide a great starting point to enjoy a great workout at home. For instance,

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Fundamental Things

one of the fundamental things in any home gym is hand weights, also called free weights. Handloads are fantastic for providing quality preparation for your home health routine. Typically, you should purchase free weights that are two by two and then increase your selection over time. The heavier you are, the more expensive they will become.

The second item that needs to be taken into consideration in any health and wellness equipment store is the weight of iron. Iron weights have grown to be an extremely well-known wellness product in the last few years. What’s remarkable with them is the fact that they can take on a huge amount of different exercises and routines. And you can do a full-body workout using just one or two iron weights. They’re especially great for use at home since they’re extremely versatile and simple to store and are incredibly affordable. The downside to the iron-based weights, is they require time to become accustomed to the fact that you’ve never tried working out using them before. They come in various sizes and weights, and it’s easy to find some fantastic exercises online to start.

The medication ball

Jay Feldman does One of the most effective insides and outside items for your wellness home is the excellent medicine ball. The medication ball is an enormous ball that comes in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials. They’re an excellent option to look into as they’re affordable and versatile. They can provide a good general fitness routine as well as be entertaining to use! The thing that makes the medicine ball unique is the fact that it can provide a vast array of different exercises and bores that you can perform in conjunction with or without a partner in the possibility that you like exercising with your child or with a child, friend or a significant other this is an amazing purchase. They’re very versatile too, take your partner with a medicine ball and start working out!

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Wellness Equipment

Naturally, wellness equipment generally includes an instrument for keeping track of your time. Although some may not have this device in their home recreation center, it’s an essential piece of equipment. This is an extremely useful piece of home rec center health equipment because when you happen to be in your home, it’s not difficult to be occupied or get more rest as is normal, so this can assist in keeping you in the right direction. There are a variety of apps you can download on your smartphone which can help you with one.

Dr. Jay Feldman — Wrapping things up, there’s the safety ball (otherwise called the parity ball or physioball, or practice ball). Dependability balls are absolutely fantastic for your home rec center’s wellness. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes and generally, they cost anywhere from 20 to $50 dollars. It is one of some of the very basic, most effective items of wellness equipment you can buy. The biggest drawback of some of the balls is they’re heavy. It is difficult to keep in the event there isn’t plenty of space at home.

That’s a quick overview of five distinct things to consider for your home workout or fitness center equipment wellness requirements. Remember that you don’t need this equipment, to begin with exercising. However, each now and then have health and wellness equipment at your home. It can get you excited to discover a method of becoming fit and healthy!